Good Day:

I believe it is time that we simply must give up on our President.  He has repeatedly shown that he is in WAY over his head, and the contraception / abortion imbroglio proves it.

Obviously our president is a very bright man, Columbia, Harvard Law and all.  However, there is a phrase that I think fits President Obama perfectly.  He is an “educated idiot.”   He apparently is incapable of thinking off the top of his head, or of thinking long-term.  Were I as highly educated as President Obama, I would be embarrassed to be so lacking in the ability to respond to non Tele-Promptered issues.  Additionally, I would be similarly ashamed that I could not see the inevitable reactions to clearly divisive stances / actions I might take.   It’s not so much that President Obama wants the wrong things, although he does, but that he apparently is lacking the foresight to realize a significant percentage of the American populous would strongly disagree with the same, and to take necessary measures in counteraction.  Any bright person takes account of what may happen or be said in response to an action or stance taken, but apparently neither President Obama nor anyone in his cabinet is capable of this kind of estimation.  One did not have to like former President Clinton to realize he was both smart and in possession of acute foresight.  Would that our current president had this quality, as his lack of foresight and the ability to judge opposition and consequences to his actions is troubling to say the least.

God bless.





Hello All (assuming there is an “All”):

Much is said on the topic of “helping” people who are poor, or in some way disadvantaged.  The usual suspects give the usual advice, higher taxes, and more give away programs.   Why are these not solutions?

Well, in the first place, no one is helped by becoming a ward of the State, except the State, which now has a reliable, AND pliable vassal.

The first step in helping the disadvantaged is to tell them that they are the captains of their own “ships”, and that no one, certainly no one in government, either knows or cares about them, except their loved ones.  Seems harsh to some, but knowing who supports you, and who SAYS they do (only) is a very valuable and effective piece of knowledge.   Example? Does your employer, or some other firm, ever state that, “our most valuable asset is our employees?”  What happens when the company starts to experience trouble?  Are the “assets” maintained in their positions regardless of the economic viability of this act?  Or are the “most valuable assets” fired (at least some of them)?  I’ve worked at my present employer for 10 years, and yet there is not a moment I would allow myself to believe they “cared” about me, outside of what I can do for them.  Everything I get from the firm, my pay, benefits, pleasant working conditions, etc., are not a sign the company “cares” about me, but rather a sign that the consider me valuable in the attainment of their goals.  Absent this, they couldn’t care less if I fall off a cliff or not.  And, frankly, though many would not soul-search enough to realize it, I don’t really give a whole hoot about my company outside of what they can do for me!

Why do so many people posit a caring relationship where it is pellucidly evident that none exists, or may I be so bold as to say, none SHOULD exist?   Why would anyone expect a corporation filled (mostly) with people whom they never have met, whom they themselves have no love or fealty for, to care about them, either corporately or individually?   Do those who preach for corporations to be more “compassionate” ever return the favor, and if they do, how, and more importantly, why?   When I hear someone say, usually bitterly, that they “gave” 20 years of their lives to Corporation X, the first thing that comes to mind is they did nothing of the kind, unless they really DID work for no pay for 20 years. If the were paid, they “gave” nothing, and should expect nothing, except that which they and the company agreed to when they were hired.

Telly Savalas, a.k.a, “Kojak” used to say, “Who loves ya, baby?”  The answer in this arena is, your family, and, if you are lucky, some friends, and that is about it.  The sooner we realize this, and stop believing the fiction that others, for whom WE have no  love or fealty, should have these feelings toward us, the better off we will be.   Facing the realities of life actually makes life better, and less disappointing.

God bless.


Here we have again our inexperienced, and we finally must admit, not very bright president, opining on what should or should not be done in the area of business, making money, etc.

I have not the desire to “replay” all the stupid and just plain wrong things the president said – it is just too depressing that we are led by such a man.

Instead, let me describe liberalism, of both the Obama and traditional kinds.

Liberalism, though many have tried to flesh it out to make it seem to be a more reasonable, moral belief, is in fact described by two old, “time-tested” sins, theft and covetousness, the eighth and tenth parts of the Decalogue respectively.

Liberalism points out, correctly, that some have more wealth than others, but goes on, incorrectly, to state that this is wrong in and of itself, and that the solution is for the government to take a much bigger chunk of the wealthy folks’ money to “even things out.”  This patently false belief encourages many to believe they deserve that which they did not earn, and do not possess.  When this feeling has coalesced into enough minds, the next step is nothing less than brazen theft.  Jim has less than John, so we must take from Jim and give to John.  Besides the outright evil of such theft, we must also confront what actually happens from such “redistribution” schemes.  Indeed, more money is taken, by the government, from Jim than before.  However, very little of it gets to John, but instead goes into the governments coffers, and the game goes on.  Next election cycle, Jim will still have more money than John, and liberals will decry this state of affairs, and demands for government actions will be made, which, if successful will result in less money for Jim, more money for the government, and no more for John.   In other words, Jim was screwed, John was not helped, and the only “winners” are the thieves.

God help our country if we continue to believe that our “rescue” comes from the government.  We will stand or fall as a nation by the millions of individual decisions to work and not covet, and certainly NOT because the government tries to “rescue” us.

Hello all:

Today I write about freedom, the idea that seems to have been lost in all the political back and forth about greedy Wall St. Bankers, stupid government liberals, etc., etc.

Americans have a wide variety of freedoms, some which residents of some countries covet.  Americans also have a wide variety of responsibilities which residents of some countries do their best to avoid.

I believe the greatness of our nation lies in its linkage of freedom and responsibility.   Example, one has the freedom to play the stock market, but if he fails, the responsibility to blame only himself, and to “get healthy” again by the sweat of his own brow (or brain), not by ginning up excuses for why others ought to bail him out.

This, in a nutshell, is why America is in the financial fix it is in.  I would not for a moment try to prevent a Wall St. banking firm from doing leveraged buy outs, “risky” investing, etc., etc.  I would prevent them from seeking to get ‘healthy” again on the backs of those (the taxpayers) who stood zero chance of profiting from their gambles if they said gambles succeeded.  Surely, if the bankers had succeeded, none of the wealth would have been given to those who are now being asked to bail them out.   I am conservative politically, but I would never dream of allowing, should I have the authority, the bail out of such firms.   Unless those bankers want to concede some of their profits when they succeed to those who would bail them out when they do not, they should stand or fall on their own.   As is usually the case, the feds are responsible for this mess, not because they didn’t guarantee enough risk-taking behaviors if they failed, but because they got involved at all.  The arena of stock market trading is the modern world’s version of the “Wild Wild West”, and those who are not willing or able to “shoot it out” should stay away from Wall St.  The fact that many choose not to take the proper measure of caution is almost entirely the fault of government’s implicit “guarantee” of certain areas of the financial markets.  What the government SHOULD say is that Wall St. is a “dangerous” place where only the most hardy and well-educated should tread.   CAUTION!

People should realize, for it is right and proper, that their freedoms come with responsibilities, and those who would dodge one, deserve not the other.

God bless.



Hello Rant Fans!

My name is Jim, and I intend to rant on a variety of subjects that interest me, and hopefully some of these will interest, annoy, anger, delight, or amuse you.  I encourage responses, but hate-filled or unintelligent, a.k.a., “Your feet stink and you don’t love Jesus” responses will not be given the time of day.

I have a wide range of  interests, and areas  in which I have a fair amount of knowledge and experience that I hope will interest others enough to read and comment upon.

So, here begins the grand experiment to see if anyone in the world (literally) is interested in what I have to say.

God bless, and look forward to hearing from any and all who don’t fail the above test criteria in bold print.


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