Hello All (assuming there is an “All”):

Much is said on the topic of “helping” people who are poor, or in some way disadvantaged.  The usual suspects give the usual advice, higher taxes, and more give away programs.   Why are these not solutions?

Well, in the first place, no one is helped by becoming a ward of the State, except the State, which now has a reliable, AND pliable vassal.

The first step in helping the disadvantaged is to tell them that they are the captains of their own “ships”, and that no one, certainly no one in government, either knows or cares about them, except their loved ones.  Seems harsh to some, but knowing who supports you, and who SAYS they do (only) is a very valuable and effective piece of knowledge.   Example? Does your employer, or some other firm, ever state that, “our most valuable asset is our employees?”  What happens when the company starts to experience trouble?  Are the “assets” maintained in their positions regardless of the economic viability of this act?  Or are the “most valuable assets” fired (at least some of them)?  I’ve worked at my present employer for 10 years, and yet there is not a moment I would allow myself to believe they “cared” about me, outside of what I can do for them.  Everything I get from the firm, my pay, benefits, pleasant working conditions, etc., are not a sign the company “cares” about me, but rather a sign that the consider me valuable in the attainment of their goals.  Absent this, they couldn’t care less if I fall off a cliff or not.  And, frankly, though many would not soul-search enough to realize it, I don’t really give a whole hoot about my company outside of what they can do for me!

Why do so many people posit a caring relationship where it is pellucidly evident that none exists, or may I be so bold as to say, none SHOULD exist?   Why would anyone expect a corporation filled (mostly) with people whom they never have met, whom they themselves have no love or fealty for, to care about them, either corporately or individually?   Do those who preach for corporations to be more “compassionate” ever return the favor, and if they do, how, and more importantly, why?   When I hear someone say, usually bitterly, that they “gave” 20 years of their lives to Corporation X, the first thing that comes to mind is they did nothing of the kind, unless they really DID work for no pay for 20 years. If the were paid, they “gave” nothing, and should expect nothing, except that which they and the company agreed to when they were hired.

Telly Savalas, a.k.a, “Kojak” used to say, “Who loves ya, baby?”  The answer in this arena is, your family, and, if you are lucky, some friends, and that is about it.  The sooner we realize this, and stop believing the fiction that others, for whom WE have no  love or fealty, should have these feelings toward us, the better off we will be.   Facing the realities of life actually makes life better, and less disappointing.

God bless.