Here we have again our inexperienced, and we finally must admit, not very bright president, opining on what should or should not be done in the area of business, making money, etc.

I have not the desire to “replay” all the stupid and just plain wrong things the president said – it is just too depressing that we are led by such a man.

Instead, let me describe liberalism, of both the Obama and traditional kinds.

Liberalism, though many have tried to flesh it out to make it seem to be a more reasonable, moral belief, is in fact described by two old, “time-tested” sins, theft and covetousness, the eighth and tenth parts of the Decalogue respectively.

Liberalism points out, correctly, that some have more wealth than others, but goes on, incorrectly, to state that this is wrong in and of itself, and that the solution is for the government to take a much bigger chunk of the wealthy folks’ money to “even things out.”  This patently false belief encourages many to believe they deserve that which they did not earn, and do not possess.  When this feeling has coalesced into enough minds, the next step is nothing less than brazen theft.  Jim has less than John, so we must take from Jim and give to John.  Besides the outright evil of such theft, we must also confront what actually happens from such “redistribution” schemes.  Indeed, more money is taken, by the government, from Jim than before.  However, very little of it gets to John, but instead goes into the governments coffers, and the game goes on.  Next election cycle, Jim will still have more money than John, and liberals will decry this state of affairs, and demands for government actions will be made, which, if successful will result in less money for Jim, more money for the government, and no more for John.   In other words, Jim was screwed, John was not helped, and the only “winners” are the thieves.

God help our country if we continue to believe that our “rescue” comes from the government.  We will stand or fall as a nation by the millions of individual decisions to work and not covet, and certainly NOT because the government tries to “rescue” us.