Good Day:

I believe it is time that we simply must give up on our President.  He has repeatedly shown that he is in WAY over his head, and the contraception / abortion imbroglio proves it.

Obviously our president is a very bright man, Columbia, Harvard Law and all.  However, there is a phrase that I think fits President Obama perfectly.  He is an “educated idiot.”   He apparently is incapable of thinking off the top of his head, or of thinking long-term.  Were I as highly educated as President Obama, I would be embarrassed to be so lacking in the ability to respond to non Tele-Promptered issues.  Additionally, I would be similarly ashamed that I could not see the inevitable reactions to clearly divisive stances / actions I might take.   It’s not so much that President Obama wants the wrong things, although he does, but that he apparently is lacking the foresight to realize a significant percentage of the American populous would strongly disagree with the same, and to take necessary measures in counteraction.  Any bright person takes account of what may happen or be said in response to an action or stance taken, but apparently neither President Obama nor anyone in his cabinet is capable of this kind of estimation.  One did not have to like former President Clinton to realize he was both smart and in possession of acute foresight.  Would that our current president had this quality, as his lack of foresight and the ability to judge opposition and consequences to his actions is troubling to say the least.

God bless.